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How To Succeed And Avoid Troubles With Teachers?

Being a pupil has always been not easy. Be it a school, college or university, academic studies put lots of pressure on young people and thus, it is only possible to become successful if you know exactly what you should do!

5 Secrets To Reach Success

Secret 1: the quality of sleep – students’ academic achievements depend directly on the quality of sleep. It is important to get enough rest daily. If you or your child is studying all night long instead of sleeping, the results will appear sooner, but they will not last long. The human brain is not able to function in a proper way if it is not getting enough rest!

Secret 2: food for the brain – you should not underestimate the importance of healthy meals. Thus, try to include more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean proteins, nuts, seeds, cereals and other foods that are beneficial for the brain into your diet.

Secret 3: sufficient physical activity.

Secret 4: effective time management.

Secret 8: always think about benefits that you’ll get if you succeed – this way, you will stay motivated all the time, and the process of studying will seem much easier!

Why Do Students Face Troubles With Teachers?

In any academic institution, the teacher (or professor) constantly interacts with students. Due to the fact that we spend 80% of our time at school, the conflicts are inevitable, and thus, you should learn how to avoid and resolve them wisely.

What are the main reasons of conflicts between teacher and students?

  • An excessive amount of requirements to student;
  • Too high demands of the teacher;
  • A student is neglecting the subject or ignoring the teacher;
  • A student feels unappreciated;
  • A teacher can’t understand and accept the shortcomings of the student;
  • Personal qualities of the teacher or student (irritability, helplessness, being rude).

How To Avoid Such Issues?

essayThe first thing you should do in any conflict situation is to maintain calmness and self-possession because if you answer with anger, the situation will get worse!

Also, you must stay cold minded. Try to approach the situation without personal assessment.

The third important point is the open dialogue between the conflicting parties, and thus, you must possess decent listening skills and be able to present your opinion on the problem of conflict calmly.

The fourth step will help you to reach a constructive result. After discussing the problem, you and your teacher have to identify common goals and possible ways of solving problems that will allow you to reach this aim.

The last, fifth step requires you to draw logical conclusions from each situation in order to avoid similar troubles in communication and interaction in future.

What Is The Conflict?

There is a common belief that conflict situations are dangerous and lead to the destruction of relationships of any kind, but there is one thing to keep in mind – absence of conflicts in school is almost impossible! You will certainly face problems and will have to solve them!

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