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So, school days are coming to an end, and you have already chosen the colleges you like. Are you already terrified? And what scares you the most? No doubt, writing an admission essay. Well, you are not the only one afraid of doing it wrong. Every year, thousands of teenagers are praying: “College Students’ God, please, help me write my essay!”

help me write my essay

Why are college admission essays so complicated and is it really so tricky to write an excellent one? We believe this problem is a bit overrated. A lot depends on that paper, but this does not make it impossible to write a genuinely lovely composition.

There are few simple tips on how to create a really valuable piece which helps you enter the college of your dream.

Three simple tips on writing an admission-granting essay

  1. Be yourself.

We believe the most important thing is to stay true to yourself while creating a text about that exact your own self. There is no need to generate a character that is not you. You need to show yourself as an interesting, smart, intellectual person, but it definitely has to be you.

Pick a topic or a situation (if it is not pre-set by the college admission rules) and tell the reader about your personality from the angle of that situation or topic. Describe it as you see it, dig a little deeper into your attitude and point of view. Be intellectual and reasonable; add personal thoughts, conclusions, and arguments. Characterize yourself via the topic or situation.

  1. Be brief and consistent.

Don’t try to tell everything about yourself. Surely, there are no limitations on how long the application essay should be. But don’t make it too long, because admission officers get to read dozens of pieces daily and they can just get tired of reading your endless descriptions of everything in the world. Don’t do that. Know your idea, work on brevity, polish your language to make it short but vividly showing everything you want to say.

  1. Prepare early. Write and re-write. Proofread.

Admission paper is not something to be written in one day. Start thinking about it in advance. Make notes of your ideas, discuss them with your family, friends or classmates and write down their thoughts.

First of all, prepare a draft. Don’t think of its perfection – it is just a draft, where you note everything you want to go on about in your future application work. For now, it is your creativity headquarters. Let it stay like this for some period – definitely, some new ideas and thoughts will come up.

When you feel it’s time to make it real, start writing the paper. This time work seriously on it – this one is going to be your application essay. When ready, read it several times to find and correct all the mistakes. And when you are done, let two or three people read your article and give you feedback concerning the errors, narration, language and style. Make necessary relevant corrections and congratulate yourself: your admission essay is ready!


Of course, preparing a college admission essay is a pretty complex task, and it is better to take it seriously. But remember, it definitely should be a reflection of who you are. Admission essay paper is not about your school grades, not about the beautiful college you apply to, not about all the clever words you know. Your knowledge is shown in your school reports – don’t try to explain it in the essay. Portray what kind of a person you are – reasonable, socially likable, creative, persistent, artistic – or whichever is true about you and makes you so unique.


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