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A descriptive essay is aimed to create an image of something in reader’s mind by involving any of the five senses (smell, sight, touch, taste or sound). In such a composition, we can describe the appearance, attributes, and qualities of a person, an object or a phenomenon. This may be a description of:

  • an object according to your observations;
  • a picture;
  • an animal;
  • a room;
  • nature;
  • a person’s appearance;
  • a labor process;
  • an area;
  • a historical and cultural monument.

Let’s analyze how to describe a painting. At first glance, this may seem like a simple matter, but it is more complicated than you think. You are required not only to convey what you can see but also what is hidden behind the picture, that is, those thoughts or feelings that the author wanted to transmit, the morality of the picture. Malevich’s Black Square is not difficult to describe. But alpha and omega here is not to tell about appearance, but about what the essence of the work is.

At the beginning of any description, it is necessary to let the reader understand what is at stake. Name the painting, if it is called and indicate its author. You can indicate more specific details, like, in which year the picture was painted, in which country and under what circumstances if all this stuff can be found on the Internet. These details are not extra – an interesting plot will immediately interest the reader. Even if you write a simple school essay, do not ignore them.

Now we start to describe the painting. In most of them, foreground and background are highlighted, if there is such a division, specify it. Then we describe everything that occurs in the front, then on the back. Try to “enter” the picture, move to the depicted world and explain it from the standpoint of an eyewitness. No need to write: “The artist painted how children play in the sandbox: write in a literary language” Children have a lively game … “. Forget that you are looking at the painting.

Sometimes foreground and background may have a connection, for instance, you have managed to discern a barely visible military scout on the behind, who is watching the enemy preparing the plan of attack. If there is a link, indicate it, you can also add what value it will have for the further development of events.

When you are done with the description, highlight the moral or emotional coloring. Your attitude to the picture may serve as a conclusion. Do not write trivially: “I liked it very much”, write: “It’s alarming,” “makes you think about …” or something like that.

However, if you do not have enough time to understand art, try using online essay help.

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