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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay represents a category that is inclined towards gathering facts and proofs when discussing a topic. The essay addresses a topic from a dual perspective-arguments to refute and support- the topic. Similarly, a writer has to articulate a sound standpoint with regards to the evidence amassed. Thus, extensive research has to be undertaken to acquire adequate information to explain a topic. Sufficient evidence is also critical in helping a writer to assess multiple perspectives before making a decision on which perspective suits the topic in question. In this article, focus is on explaining how to submit a successful argumentative paper.custom essay writing

  1. Employ a hook in writing the introduction

This kind of paper has to motivate the readers to accord attention to it. The most accurate way to achieve this is by using a thought-provoking sentence. It can be a quotation, statistics, an anecdote or a rhetoric question. For example, if the topic concerns reasons why gambling should be abolished, statistics can be used. “Gambling is a predominant problem in most parts of the world. Over 60% of adults lose millions of money every year.”

  1. Write a logical thesis statement

A solid thesis statement is the foundation of an argumentative essay. It informs the audience in a general way about the paper’s angle. It has to be given precedence when writing the introductory section of this type of essay. The thesis statement involves a few phrases to give a short summary of the essay without giving any evidence. Here is why a thesis statement is indeed important:

  • Supports clarification of ideas.
  • Gives a coherent structure to the paper.
  • Captures and maintains the attention of readers throughout the paper.
  1. Express only one idea in each body paragraph

In expressing ideas, a topic sentence should be first written followed by an argument. This enables readers to know what each body paragraph entails. For example, an argument can be: verbal communication supports interpersonal relationships. Such an argument has to be reinforced by providing worthy secondary details from reputable literature.

  1. Use transitional phrases

Transitional phrases make it easy to distinguish every paragraph and knit the entire paper together. They nurture a logical pattern in the paper hence maintaining its structure from the beginning to the end. Transitions should mainly be used to sum up ideas in the previous paragraph. In addition to that, they are crucial in giving a glimpse of the next paragraph’s idea.

  1. Formulate a strong and convincing conclusion

This section of an argumentative essay should be treated with utmost seriousness. The conclusion has the ability to instill the desired impression among the target audience if well written. In writing the conclusion, the thesis statement should not be merely stated. Rather, it should be emphasized in light of the proof already furnished in the body of the paper. Writers should also desist from introducing new ideas as they can confuse readers.

To wrap up, writing a decent argumentative paper is all about establishing a thesis statement that acts as a guide when substantiating a particular topic. In case of challenges in such assignments, custom essay writing services can be solicited to gain more knowledge about the process. All in all, independently writing an appealing paper is possible if the aforementioned techniques are followed. Practicing the techniques derives an outstanding essay.


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