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The pitfalls of SAT essay. How to avoid them? Read and find out!

Advice #1. Understand what you are supposed to do.

Many students make a common mistake. They read the text which comes before the gap space, where they have to fill in your work. Later they start writing down their opinion concerning the given matter. Whether they disagree or agree and provide the reasons for this. In fact, that is a wrong strategy. The requirements for this part of SAT have changed. Instead of stating your point of view, concentrate on the analysis on of the text. Read it carefully and be sure to apprehend what it is about. Note the special techniques that the author is using to persuade the reader and how is he applying them.

Advice #2. Quotations are your best friends

In order to prove your understanding of the text given, quotations may be a perfect instrument. Moreover, you should apply this technique as more as possible. Each paragraph of your writing should contain a quote. Accordingly, the people, checking your essay, will see that:

  • you are familiar with the structure of the text;
  • you know the reasons why that particular statement about the percent of nitrates in food was mentioned by the author.

Advice #3. Keep calm.

This is the last part of the test, and you have only 50 minutes to write a decent work. Fist of all you have to do before starting the task is to loosen up. Calm yourself. You have been spending more than two hours solving the previous questions. Take a break for a few minutes and when you are ready to continue your writing.

Advice # 4. Make a plan.

Should you have finished reading the text, try to make a small scheme concerning what your essay will be about. Think the general remarks carefully and start working! Do not forget, your time is limited.

Advice # 5. Learn more about persuasive techniques.

It is no secret that some methods can be used to draw people’s attention and some to make them believe in what you consider to be true. Do not reinvent the wheel by trying to establish a new technique. Spend a bit of time to read about individual articles about this matter and apply that in your essay. Luckily, almost everybody has access to the Internet today.

In conclusion, a SAT essay is a vital part of the test. To write it correctly, you are ought to keep calm, make a plan and do some preparations beforehand. Good luck!

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